2019 Chapter - X Class Louisiana

We welcome the addition of the Louisiana chapter of X Class, founded by Bo Phillips and Dylan Hoops. Bo began racing in the spring of 2018, he became assistant chapter organizer in the fall. He qualified and participated in DRL Swatch tournament 2/9 in Las Vegas. Dylan grew up racing quarter midgets and slick karts. He always had a passion for racing and only started flying FPV in 2018 at age 25. He’s very passionate about FPV and very competitive in the racing scene, resulting in many podium finishes. Dylan also designed the xcaliber broadsword frame.


2019 Chapter - X Class Michigan

Showing up ready to run in 2019, the Michigan X Class Chapter is here to serve the entire state for the upcoming racing season. Founder Jason Chodakowski is an FPV addict and overall racing enthusiast. Jason brings a long history of many types of motor racing, both at 1:1 and scale RC and slotcar, and includes a stint as USRA Division I Tech Director. Jason is really excited to expose the thrill of "big things going fast" to the public and has some ambitious goals for the Michigan X Class pilots this season. The Michigan Chapter will start off the season with at least half a dozen pilots on the flight line and hopes to field even more before the year is out. Michigan has a long tradition of racing, and that includes drone racing; some of the fastest pilots in the world have gotten their start here and we expect X Class to be no exception. The Michigan chapter welcomes one and all, and looks forward to flying fast and having fun.


Founding Chapter – X Class China

Founded by the members of the Q1 UAV Promotion Team, X Class China is the first chapter to bring X Class to Asia. With a wide range of activities including campus training, commercial exhibitions and drone races, the Q1 UAV Promotion Team is committed to promoting Drone Racing and UAV technologies for the greater good.

Founder Bingo Chow is a retired military officer, a drone racing competition pioneer and an all-around UAV expert, and is also a co-founder of the "I Love Flying" network. Founder Johnwa Li is an expert drone racing pilot and no stranger to the podium. Founder Shu Luo is a talented and highly-regarded UAV engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Founder Chaobei Guo, retired from the Chinese Air Force, is an electronics expert and another drone racing pioneer who has been organizing drone racing events since 2015. Together they have giant plans for X Class racing in China.

Click here more information on the China chapter founders.

SF-X-Class-Chapter-Logo v2.png

Founding Chapter – X Class San Francisco

Serving the whole San Francisco Bay Area including Silicon Valley, this chapter is made up of some very familiar faces to those who have been following X Class. Chapter founders Jon Gaiser and Colby Curtola were the #1 and #2 finishers for the 2018 X Class season and are some of the most well-respected names in all of X Class. Meanwhile they are both great drone race organizers, with tons of experience running races as 415 FPV and TeamBaylands. We are looking forward to a spectacular season of local X Class racing in the SF Bay Area thanks to Jon and Colby.


Founding Chapter – X Class Carolinas

Coming in ready to race in 2019, X Class Carolinas chapter combines two great racing states, North Carolina and South Carolina, into what will soon be a giant drone racing powerhouse. Founders Kalen McDaniel and Robert Younger both have extensive experience running drone races with the highly respected and very active Backwoods FPV. As founder of Backwoods FPV, Kalen is an FPV junkie who loves to fly anything and is dedicated to furthering the sport. Equally passionate about FPV, Robert is another quad engineer who will build or fly anything. They have now turned their sights firmly towards X Class, and we expect the Carolinas chapter to be a major player on the national X Class scene in 2019.


Founding Chapter – X Class Spain

As the first X Class chapter in continental Europe, X Class Spain Chapter is ready to bring the new world sport of giant drone racing back to the old world with gusto. Founders Alejandro Molina Aguilera, Jordi Ruiz, Iván Milán, Manel Fuguirolas, and Paul Pastecchi are all seasoned members of the drone racing community. As President of Xdron, the Catalan Drones Association, Alejandro brings a wealth of drone race organizing experience to the chapter. Manel (owner of Bocsidrons), Jordi, and Iván are all dedicated FPV pilots, and Paul is the owner of Dynamic Filming and Dynamic Drones. Together they have giant plans for X Class in Spain.


Founding Chapter – X Class British Columbia

Hailing from KwadsRUs in Vancouver, the founders of the X Class British Columbia chapter are bringing X Class to Canada. With experience as both organizers and pilots, founders Joel Eusebio, Ben Noll, and Ignacio Romero have the skills and the motivation to foster and grow an amazing new local X Class community with the goal of delivering X Class giant drone racing to race fans across Canada’s western shores.


Founding Chapter – X Class Oregon

This chapter was founded at the West Coast Throwdown 2018 by Derek A. Brown and Nathan Baker, and has the distinction of being the first chapter to hold an official X Class Open Race outside of the Bay Area. As founder of the West Coast Throwdown and with more than a decade of experience in event organization, Derek has leaped into X Class head first and now specializes in X Class Freestyle. Derek is sponsored by Armattan Quads and Venom Power. Chapter co-founder Nathan Baker got his drone-race organizing experience assisting with the planning and operations of the West Coast Throwdown. Coming from a pro-gaming background, Nathan practiced in FPV simulators for a year before starting to really fly FPV in 2017. He got his first taste of X Class at West Coast Throwdown 2017 as well and has been flying X Class ever since. Nathan is also sponsored by Venom Power.


Founding Chapter – X Class Mexico

Founded by Jaime Capelo, Angela Jacques, Federico Lepe, and Ulises Vega, X Class Mexico is the first X Class chapter in Latin America. Jaime, better known as “Kanahee,” is founder and director of FPV Racing Mexico, an organization promoting drone sports since 2014. Angela Jacques, also known as “Little A,” has been a part of FPV Racing Mexico since its inception and is currently Latin American Coordinator for MultiGP and a board member of Drone Sports International. Angela has also competed in two X Class races to date, the West Coast Throwdown in 2017 and the Livermore Open Race in 2018. Federico, aka “Firecode,” has been flying miniquads for years and is a part of FPV Racing Mexico, having helped run races including the Mexico Drone Nationals 2016. Last but not least, Ulises, aka “UL1S3S V3G4,” is one of Mexico's youngest drone racing pilots with not only the skills but also the drive to help grow the sport in Mexico and beyond. Ulises is currently building his first X Class rig.


Founding Chapter – X Class Georgia

Founded by dedicated drone racing organizers David Barfield from Columbus and Doug Buice from Atlanta, X Class Georgia Chapter is ready to bring X Class to the South. As president of the South East Atlanta MultiGP chapter with two years of drone racing experience, Doug has proven he knows how to run a great race. Along with David's four years of experience in FPV and as founder and chapter organizer of the Columbus Multirotor Club, this new chapter has giant plans for Georgia, starting with the first ever X Class chapter race! BotOberfest will be held at historic Fort Benning on 10/20 and 10/21, with the X Class race to be held on Inouye Field from 4-6pm on Saturday October 20.


Founding Chapter – X Class Spokane

Founded by Ryan Waters and Monty Lomazzi of Spokane FPV, X Class Spokane Chapter comes straight from the heart of the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Drone Racing community. As vice president of Spokane FPV and a long-time devoted hobbyist, Ryan's biggest excitement comes from watching and helping new people on their FPV journey. Ryan also competed in his first-ever X Class race in 2018, the 2018 West Coast Throwdown. Meanwhile, as President and co-founder of Spokane FPV Monty is another lover of all things FPV and is dedicated to flying, building, and helping others. Together they will bring X Class giant drone racing to Spokane and beyond.


Founding Chapter – X Class South Florida

Founded by Andre Smith and Danny Lumley, X Class South Florida is our second chapter in Florida making Florida the first state ever with multiple X Class chapters! As founders of PalmBeach FPV, Andre is a dedicated and experienced drone racing organizer, while his co-founder Danny is also a 15+ year RC veteran and hobby-store pro. With plans to run racing from West Palm Beach to Miami and coordinate events with the Orlando chapter, X Class in Florida is about to heat up.


Founding Chapter – X Class Texas

A group of the top drone-racing groups and organizers across Texas have banded together to bring X Class to Texas, and they are already hard at work making that happen!

Out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, founders David Mills and Jay McKibben are highly experienced and well-respected drone-racing organizers who have proven their ability to deliver great races. From Austin, we have another very knowledgable and respected member of the community who loves to focus on bringing new people to the hobby, founder Matt Meganck; while from San Antonio we have founder Drew Walker, who is known well around the Central Texas drone-racing community as a dedicated pilot and event organizer. Finally, from Houston we have founders Neil Marek and James Vau. Neil is another dedicated and well-known drone-racing organizer, as well as a sponsored pilot with Catalyst Machineworks. Meanwhile, James is the co-founder and owner of DroneWorld RTF park, which he aims to make into one of the premier drone parks in the US, and he has giant plans for DroneWorld RTF and X Class.

Formed by these six leaders of the drone racing community across Texas, this chapter is sure to grow like wildfire, and Texas race fans will be some of the first in the nation to truly experience X Class Racing.


Founding Chapter – X Class Orlando

Derek Saltzman and Mason Mincey from Soar Aerospace are ready to burst onto the X Class scene with the announcement of their new Orlando chapter in Florida. Their demo planned for July 28, 2018, featuring their X Class racing drone chasing a drifting race car and  going up against it head-to-head, had to be postponed due to rain, so keep an eye out here for a new date. After that look out for the Orlando Chapter competing at our upcoming MultiGP IO race on August 11, 2018 in Muncie, IN.

For more info on the Orlando chapter, please visit


Founding Chapter – X Class Maine

X Class Drone Racing Maine Chapter founders Kristopher Kleva of the Maine Drone Society and Chris Taylor of VikingUAS are already up to their eyeballs in X Class — as well as a big local drone racing crew ready to jump on board! Keep an eye out for them, along with some cutting edge new rigs, at our MultiGP International Open race on August 11 at Academy of Model Aeronautics Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.


Founding Chapter – X Class South East Queensland, Australia

Look out Australia, X Class Giant Drone Racing has arrived! Founded by local drone racing community stalwarts Jamie Griffin and Josh Mitchell, X Class South East Queensland is the first X Class chapter down under, and our second international chapter. They have already drawn lots of local interest and will be scheduling their first exhibition soon. Keep an eye out here for more info.


Founding Chapter – X Class Arizona

Founding members Ted Wayne, Danny Pharrams and Pete Phimphavong are drone racing and organizing veterans with X Class fever. Arizona X Class pilots are going to see lots of action soon! Their first exhibition is right around the corner at the First Annual R/C Swap Meet and Grudge Race. For more info on how to get involved, please join their Facebook Group.


Founding Chapter – X Class Ohio

Serving all of Ohio, the X Class Ohio Chapter has brought X Class eastward. Led by the experienced and highly regarded drone racing organizer and pilot Jay Day of Dayton Drones in Dayton, the Ohio chapter has GIANT plans for local X Class racing. Keep an eye out for the Ohio Chapter’s X Class races in 2019!


Founding Chapter – X Class UK

UK giant drone racing pioneers Martin Rye and Tonstar Jackson are the heart and soul of our first founding chapter, X Class UK. With their first exhibition event MA4@Popham Drone Zone on May 12 & 13, 2018, real giant drone racing in Europe begins! X Class UK is a chapter to watch in 2018 and beyond.



Want to start an X Class chapter in your area?
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X Class welcomes giant drone racing enthusiasts around the world who want to run their own giant drone races to join our community as chapters. Our requirements for chapters can be boiled down to:

  1. Use our rules (at a minimum) at racing events for safety and consistency.

  2. Never operate the aircraft in a reckless manner.

  3. Be an AMA Sanctioned Club/Chapter with all chapter members AMA members in good standing, or the local equivalent if outside the U.S.

  4. Consistently and responsibly use our logo and brand and, where possible, identify your chapter as an affiliate of X Class Drone Racing.

Use of the X Class Drone Racing logo, brand, or identity without permission or official chapter affiliation is prohibited.

Some of the things we provide to our chapters include:

  1. Promotion of your chapter and events via the X Class website and X Class social media outlets.

  2. A chapter page on the X Class website with links and information for your chapter.

  3. Access to our full body of rules and regulations.

  4. Help and general guidance on running giant drone races from the core X Class team.