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ANTIOCH, Calif., (July 7, 2018) — X Class Drone Racing™, the world’s only racing league to feature giant drones, delighted fans and pilots today by announcing a special prize this season — an exclusive audition for five pilots to work in Hollywood.

X Class CEO Noah Furhman made the announcement Saturday, just moments prior to the league’s second circuit race at Antioch Speedway in Antioch, Calif.

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“This opportunity is really all about our amazing pilots, and we’re excited to break the news to them before anyone else,” he said.

According to Furhman, associate marketing partner VikingUAS will provide materials and an
audience of film-industry executives for five pilots from X Class Drone Racing’s 2018 circuit race season. The top three finishers in season points will automatically garner a tryout, and the final two spots will be awarded as “wild cards” based on a random drawing of all X Class circuit pilots who have participated during the season.

“This marketing partnership with VikingUAS means that X Class Drone Racing pilots have a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity,” Furhman said. “No other league can say racing with them can open doors like this.”

Maine-based VikingUAS is known for its high-speed movie drones, which can reach speeds of 100 MPH while carrying an onboard cinematography camera. These high-speed large drones require pilots with an extremely high level of skill that currently only exists in giant-drone racing.

“VikingUAS movie drones can follow a high-speed motorcycle over a cliff as the actor punches a parachute,” said Chris Taylor, owner of VikingUAS. “Our partnership with XClass Racing means we are developing the next generation of high-speed action pilots that the movie and television industry has been so desiring.”

X Class Drone Racing’s next circuit race is set for Aug. 25 at Kings Speedway in Hanford, Calif., Its next open race will be Aug. 11 at the MultiGP 2018 International Open in Muncie, Ind.

For more information on X Class Drone Racing, visit www.xclass.racing. For more information on VikingUAS, visit www.vikinguas.com.