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GetFPV ranks as one of the drone world’s top retailers of parts, ready-to-fly drones, and RC supplies. With fast, world-wide shipping, a wide array of drone brands, and free shipping on most orders of $80, GetFPV is a must-stop shop for serious racers and casual hobbyists alike. Based in Sarasota, Florida, GetFPV is a major supporter of the FPV racing community.

Learn more about GetFPV at their website,


T-Motor is the world’s foremost propulsion system solution for UAVs, with advanced specialized technology in motors, ESCs, and propellers. Widely used for aerial photography, industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, T-Motor’s products have a reputation for high quality, endurance, and reliability.

For more information about T-Motor, visit their website at

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With more than 3 decades of expertise, Master Airscrew is one of the most recognized brands of Model Aircraft propellers and accessories worldwide. Precisely carved or injection molded, Windsor Propeller's blades have exceptional efficiency and low noise profile.

Their extensive propeller range comprises more than 200 blade designs, grouped in 8 product series based on application, size, and characteristics. Find out more about their products at


Headquartered in San Francisco, UVify is an international collective of rocket scientists, roboticists, engineers, gamers, content developers, and professional drone racers unified by a single goal—to create amazing experiences with drones. UVify has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and South Korea.

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Team Vondrone, helmed by pilot Reiner Von Weber, has been part of X Class since, literally, day one. Reiner was one of five people who designed, built, and flew the first X Class racer, The BFD, in 2016. Since then, Reiner has been a tireless personal sponsor of X Class Drone Racing. His generosity to the community is a major reason why X Class has grown so quickly in just a handful of years. We are proud to have Team Vondrone as an official partner of X Class Drone Racing. Stay tuned for information about Team Vondrone’s products and news.

The SF Drone School Research Center on Treasure Island, owned and operated by Werner Von Stein, has been a critical component in the growth of X Class. Providing a home base for the X Class crew to plan, research and develop X Class and X Class drones, the SF Drone School also serves as a center for X Class STEM efforts, including our outreach to local high schools and community colleges in Contra Costa county. If you or someone you know needs UAV training of any kind, including Aerial Photography, surveying, and other commercial uses of drones, please check out the SF Drone School website at


FlyBy Academy is a small business owned and operated by Henry Wotherspoon, whose been involved in the FPV hobby going on for 5 years now. The main goal of FlyBy is to create a community that welcomes everyone to the hobby, simple as that. FlyBy offers high quality parts on their website so check them out when you have the time! #tothemoon

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Crack open a can of the best tasting energy drink on earth, LIQUID NITRO ENERGY DRINK! Infused with nothing but the finest ingredients, including three herbs and two B-vitamins to give you the best quality energy drink your body can handle. 

Order all the many Liquid Nitro drinks, shooters, and fashion-wear or learn more about their racing team at


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Kickass Beef Jerky is a family owned premium beef jerky and snack company providing unparalleled quality and service. Using family recipes from many generations, its flavors are matched by no other. Kickass products are made in the US and are made using only top-quality ingredients.

More about Kick Ass Beef Jerky's snacks, sticks, and other products at

qualityfreightlogo.jpg offers LTL and Truckload Shipping across the United States, and we can without question confirm they deliver an outstanding service for a great price. If your company uses LTL or Truckload Shipping and you are a fan of X Class, giant drone racing, and racing in general, please consider reaching out and getting a quote from!

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