The number one question we get is "How do I build an X Class Racing Drone?”

We've put together this list of suggested parts for X Class–sized rigs.

This is by no means a complete list of what's out there, but it is a starting point. Several current X Class pilots use some or all of parts.

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When you've built your rig, share it with us!


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Entry Level

Racestar 4114 400kv, 4s-8s    $20


Bee rotor X Class x6/950kv    $70

Bee rotor X Class x6/700kv    $70

T-Motor mn4120 465kv    $80

Gold Standard

T-Motor F1000 545kv    $120

T-Motor F1000 635kv    $120

BrotherHobby T5, T7, and T10 series

Looks Promising*

Northaero X2 4220 600kv    £60 ($77)

MAD XC series motors $89

* These motors seem to have the right pedigree and their specs are certainly beefy enough for a gold-standard X Class drone, but they are currently on preorder, so we have yet to test them ourselves. If you use them, let us know how you liked them at


Entry Level

Vondrone/Home Depot California Special    $3

VikingUAS X Flight Falcon DIY Flyer    $20


Tarot Iron Man 1000S octo - 1100mm    $228

Dysonian California Vixen    $189

Gold Standard

VikingUAS X Class WaspV1 1000mm Racing Drone Kit    $349

Fossils Stuff Thor X Class Racing Frame    £234 w/VAT ($251 for US customers)

Dysonian California Soul    $325

Carolina XC by pLaStIc sPiDeR $75-$195

X Class Motor Mounts by pLaStIc sPiDeR $25-$62

Catalyst Machineworks Cannonball 800 $450-$575

BQE XXX Class $349.99

Horus Dreadnought*    $600 (estimated)

  • *NOTE: The Horus Dreadnaught is not generally available for sale, but is sold directly by the manufacturer on a limited basis.


Entry Level

Bus Bar, 100a+    $12


Demon Pulse PDB    $29

Gold Standard

Gryphon PDB(600A) with Dual BEC(GPD-3000DX)    $240

APD PDB_500 $79